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Video Tape Transfer to DVD

Video tape transfer to DVD is the best way to save old videos.  Take the time to get your precious memories transferred to DVD before they completely degrade. Consider all the amazing footage you have stored away.   Places like in a box under your bed or in the corner of a closet just waiting to be transferred and archived. Video tape has roughly a fifteen-year life expectancy.  As a result, every time a video tape is viewed, the magnetic stripe is activated, thereby shortening the tapes lifespan.

Video tapes are not designed to last forever. At Arrow Photo, we have seen many times where video tapes lose quality.  Exposure to heat, moisture and dirt are the worst culprits.  There is no need to worry though.  Our video tape transfer to DVD service can get those memories onto more permanent digital media so that they are not lost forever.

We can transfer VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Video8,  MiniDV and Beta


VHS transfer only (2 HRS)$29.95
Video Disc (Per Tape)$10.00
Disc Extra Copy$10.00
Video Conversion to Flashdrive (Per Tape) (Flashdrive included)$19.99
Tape repair$34.95
Video Disc to Digital File$35.95

Each DVD has enough room for two hours of recorded material.  When combining multiple tapes, we try to fit as much as possible onto each, individual DVD.