Canvas Printing
Arrow Photo uses state of the art printers to bring your photographs and art work to life on canvas. We offer a variety of different styles and material. The canvas material is stretched onto a handcrafted frame only using the best wood. Since we produce our own frames, custom sizes are no problem. Once printed, the new canvas can also be treated with a protective coating depending upon your needs and desires. We use two sizes for the frames one is 1.5 inch high and can be displayed without a frame, or with a floater frame. The thinner frame is .75 inches high and is mostly used for putting in a  frame. It will pop into a frame and it does not need glass or backing.

For printing material we use Fredrics 777. We apply a thin film over the canvas to make it more resistance to scratches and moister while it also enhancing the images colors. For those that prefer not to use the gloss coating we offer Crystalline Gloss and Crystalline satin canvas, both canvas materials are produced by Breathing Colors and have a built in coating.For the frame-less Canvas we can offer a solid color border on the sides or a gallery wrap. All canvases are ready to hang. Ask us how we can help. We even supply the nail.:)


Large and custom sizes are available

an example of the frames we stretch the canvas onto
our drytac laminator being prepped for canvases

Crystalline Satin Canvas

Crystalline Satin canvas material

Crystalline Gloss Canvas


Fredrics 777 with a film coating to protect the Canvas

canvas on stretcher frame
a photo of grapes being printed on canvas

Crystalline Satin Canvas, showing the reflection


Crystalline Gloss Canvas, showing the reflection


Fredrics 777 with a film coating to protect the Canvas, showing the reflection