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Movie Film Transfer

Movie film transfer is the next best thing since sliced bread.  Don’t get stuck with a box of old videos that you cannot view anymore.  Think about it.  You open that box and realize that the videos are all either in a format that you have no device for anymore or they simply do not work.  That is the sad state of affairs one can find most videos in these days.

Fortunately for you though, Arrow Photo can transfer those old movies to DVD.  Arrow Photo uses state of the art scanners made for the motion picture industry.  First of all, the film is cleaned and then bad splices and any other damage is repaired.  Furthermore, we remove any blank film of five seconds or more in order to keep the content flowing.

During movie transfers, reels of film can be arranged in any order that you desire.  In addition, music can also be added to the background at this time at no extra charge.  As a result, your memories can now be shared and viewed on any device.  Get started today!  Those memories are fading fast.

We can transfer from R8, S8, 8mm film, 16mm Movie Film, VHS and Beta.


Movie FilmPer Foot$.24
Standard definition DVD1$34.95
High definition Blu-Ray disc1$89.95
Disc copies1$10.00