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Passport Photos

A passport photo is one of the most important images a person can have.  Passport photos need to be clear and precise.  Therefore, choosing the right photographer is paramount.  Here at Arrow Photo, we take passport photos seriously.  Our professional studio is set up to get the best possible image.

We also make sure all of the image requirements are met for whichever country you may be visiting.  The most common passport photos we create are for the United States, but on a regular occasion, we also create those for Canada and the United Kingdom.  As a matter of fact, Canada’s website actually recommends Arrow Photo as the place to get these done.

Any size image is possible through Arrow Photo.  We can either print the photo for you or save it as a digital image on a disk.  Let us make taking your passport photo a fun experience!


United States passport photo (each)$17.95
Canadian/UK passport photo (each)$19.95
Custom size passport photo (each)$24.95